About Me

Before taking up acting as a career, Sam was on track to become a Neurosurgeon. Sam completed the MCAT (Medical Colleges Acceptance Test) at the age of 19, and went on to help create exam prep materials for a MCAT prep company. Sam graduated with highest distinction from Duke University with degrees in Neuroscience and Theatre Studies with a Minor in Biology.

Now he's an actor. Sorry, Mom.

Sam started acting in high school to impress women. Because he hit puberty at the ripe age of 15, his pre-pubescent voice landed him the role of Ali Hakim in Villa Park High School's production of Oklahoma!. Performing on stage garnered more praise than his Science Bowl competitions, so he decided to continue acting and was encouraged by his high school teachers to pick up a Theater Studies Minor while at Duke.  

Upon starting college, Sam was a year ahead of his class and was given the opportunity to graduate a year early. Seeing as Duke was nerd heaven, he increased his work load so he could stay for four years. He decided to upgrade his Theater Minor to a Major and to add a Minor in Biology (Because, why not?). At Duke he completed 20+ different shows, with his crown jewel being his thesis performance of The Man Who (a performance of neurological disorders). This garnered him graduation with highest distinction and created the first Neuroscience/Theater Studies class ever created at Duke University (and possibly ever, to be honest #humblebrag).

During his senior year at Duke, Sam realized that he would have to make a decision between one of three choices; Medical School, Graduate School for Neuroscience, or Graduate School for Acting. Due to watching one too many tv specials on following your dreams, Sam decided to go to the University of Connecticut and get his M.F.A in Acting (below are some photos from our third year photo shoot). 

Now Sam lives in Harlem auditioning, writing, and performing stand up. He couldn't be happier! If you would like more fun info on Sam, follow the tab below to his FAQ page.