Organizations (still under construction)

When Sam isn't on stage, he keeps himself occupied through volunteering 

 Sam and Dominic Chianese (President of Joy Through Art)

Sam and Dominic Chianese (President of Joy Through Art)

Joy Through Art

Sam is on the Board of Directors for the Joy Through Art Foundation, a non-profit that dedicates itself to providing music therapy to patients that have Alzheimer's or Dementia. When he isn't at church, you'll generally find Sam spending his Sundays at the Mary Manning Walsh Nursing home singing and dancing for the residents there.


Open Circle

Since his move to NYC, Sam has been an active member of the non-profit theater group Open Circle. Open Circle is a multi-ethnic theater collective that creates new and exciting work for a group that is younger than the typical theater scene. 

Gospel Choir

When he isn't out of town for a show or booked for a morning shoot, Sam always makes it out to Convent Avenue Baptist Church where he is a member of their gospel choir, the Voices of Convent.